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Infrastructure to empower your hybrid cloud strategy

Explore tailored cloud configurations that will boost your operational excellence and deliver the security, efficiency, and scalability your business needs to thrive.


Effortless cloud integration

Whether with public cloud, private cloud, or a bit of both, master the complexities of Hybrid IT with tailored solutions and Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®), our patented approach proven to enhance access to clouds.

Public cloud, private security

Merging public cloud’s agility with private storage’s security can give you the best of both worlds, but it requires a data center solution that provides fast and secure cloud access without losing control and compliance.

Seamless cloud integration

Seamless integration across multiple public clouds requires secure, high-performance connectivity that ensures your data is accessible and compliant without compromising scalability and cost.

Unified cloud connectivity

Interconnecting infrastructure from multiple public cloud providers and different customer sites can be complex. The right data center partner can help manage the IT infrastructure so you focus on what matters: Your core business.

Controlled cloud freedom

Private clouds deliver security and performance by keeping your sensitive data under your control. With the right global data center platform, you can reduce latency and shorten training cycles, all while keeping your data in your custody.

Build a cloud-optimized digital foundation

PDx® guides the optimal placement of your digital infrastructure foundations. Combined with PlatformDIGITAL®, our global data center platform, it enables data and cloud-ready architecture locally in the zones where you do business.

Enabling platform growth requires digital infrastructure foundations in data exchange zones supporting four strategic IT priorities:


Set up local traffic hubs in our colocation to streamline and localize traffic. This data-centric approach cuts latency, simplifies network setups, and enables flexible connections.


Deploy security access points in our colocation facilities to reduce vulnerabilities, enhance overall security, and allow for more efficient control and protection of your data and systems.


Host analytics near your data aggregation sites to speed up high-performance computing, support microservices, and optimize processing.


Achieve real-time intelligence across distributed workflows by localizing data in our global colocation facilities. We deliver secure exchanges and optimized connectivity between your users, devices, networks, and clouds.

Elevate your cloud strategy

Scale securely and cost-effectively with PlatformDIGITAL®, our global data center platform. Operating across 300 data centers, PlatformDIGITAL® offers proximity to dense cloud ecosystems and an array of interconnection products.

1Cloud on-ramps

Our cloud on-ramps provide ultra-fast, secure connections directly to major cloud providers, enhancing flexibility and competitiveness in AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing applications.

2Turnkey data center solutions

From cabinets to private suites to complete data centers, our Data Center Suites deliver secure, cost-effective infrastructure and are move-in ready when you are.

3AI and cloud-optimized connectivity

Private AI Exchange (AIPx), powered by ServiceFabric™, enables seamless cloud and AI integration, offering rapid deployment and high-performance connectivity for global enterprises.

4Accelerated cloud data flow

Our High-Density Colocation offering is designed for customers who need maximum throughput to move large amounts of data between clouds.

5Cutting edge efficiency

Our commitment to sustainable energy and efficiency not only benefits the environment but ensures regulatory compliance, saves money, and offers you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Enact a compliant, high-performance hybrid cloud strategy

Explore our diverse range of cloud service providers to meet specific business needs. With efficient access to clouds, reduced latency, and adherence to local regulations, our architectures and patented methodology ensure that your cloud strategy is powerful and compliant.

Combine the flexibility of public cloud services with the security and control of private storage. Our solutions ensure that while your applications scale with cloud resources, your data remains protected in our secure colocation facilities.

This dual approach guarantees performance, compliance, and speed, making it ideal for businesses prioritizing both innovation and data sovereignty.

Harness the power of multiple cloud environments without compromising on security or connectivity. Our multi-cloud connectivity solutions provide private access to various cloud service providers, reducing latency and enhancing data flow security.

With direct connections and a centralized management platform, streamline your operations and maintain security across all cloud services.

Link numerous cloud services and geographical sites with high-performance connectivity. Our integrated approach ensures your infrastructure is not only cloud-compatible but also optimized for real-time data exchange and application performance across locations.

Benefit from our expansive global network, built to support a seamless, interconnected cloud experience.

We provide the secure, high-power density environment ideal for your private cloud deployment.

Take full advantage of the combination of high security, customizable performance, and the scalability typical of public clouds, all within your controlled environment.

Achieve the best of both worlds with a hybrid cloud connectivity solution that blends private and public cloud benefits. Tailor your cloud environment to specific workloads, optimizing cost and performance while maintaining strict data privacy and compliance.

Our solutions ensure smooth direct connectivity between cloud models, supporting dynamic scaling and agile deployment to meet your business demands.


Gartner® Report: Competitive Landscape: Private Cloud Connectivity Services

As more enterprises rely on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud approaches for their business requirements, “the more these deployments support business-critical and performance-sensitive applications, the greater the need for dependable cloud connectivity.”

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