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Your data is an asset. Unlock its value.

Turn your data challenges into opportunities with our comprehensive suite of solutions.


We’ve got your data use cases covered.

Our proven methodology and services bolster your digital infrastructure for maximum efficiency, security, and performance.

Ensure data compliance

Tailored, in-country solutions and seamless implementation overcome the intricacies of data sovereignty challenges, boosting security, operational efficiency, and regulatory adherence.

Localize your data

Secure local infrastructure and custom solutions enhance your data localization strategy, ensuring compliance and end-user privacy.

Empower data analytics

Harness the power of data analytics and enhance your decision-making and operational efficiency with strategic, powerful infrastructure and connectivity solutions.

Facilitate seamless collaboration

Easily exchange data across your global enterprise with a global data center provider who offers secure and scalable connectivity solutions.

Build your data-ready organization on a solid foundation

Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®), our patented methodology, unlocks new levels of performance and security by implementing, placing, and connecting your infrastructure in the places you do business.

It all begins by enacting digital infrastructure that supports these four strategic IT pillars.


Create local ingress/egress points in our colocation to consolidate and localize traffic. This data-ready strategy reduces latency, standardizes network deployments, and provides any-to-any interconnection.


Deploy security access points in our colocation facilities to reduce vulnerabilities, enhance overall security, and allow for more efficient control and protection of your data and systems.


Host data analytics adjacent to your data aggregation points. This accelerates your compute-intensive workloads, enabling microservices and efficiently scaling processing.


Localize data sets for secure data exchange in our colocation facilities, optimizing exchange between users, things, networks, and clouds while enabling real-time intelligence across distributed workflows.

Solve data’s challenges

Discover our comprehensive range of solutions built to optimize data management, exchange, and security, empowering your organization to harness the full potential of its data assets.

1A global platform

Meet your data residency and data sovereignty obligations easily with cloud-adjacent to colocation facilities in 300+ global data centers.

2HD Colo for compute-intensive workloads

Our High-Density Colocation solution for high performance computing (HPC) is designed with the power and efficiency to tackle the challenges of exponential data growth, transforming your data from a burden to an asset.

3Data Center Suites where you need them

Data Localization can be challenging due to varying standards and evolving regulations. Our Private Colo Suites are where you do business and can help you achieve data residency.

4A universe of connected communities

ServiceFabric™ interconnects and secures your critical infrastructure and our Connectivity solutions delivers the performance and scalability you need to adapt quickly and stay ahead.

5A global data meeting place

Our consistent and uniform infrastructure offerings on PlatformDIGITAL® reduce multi-provider and vendor complexity and provide standardized communication across regions and services.

Empower your hybrid data-driven enterprise

Our global data center platform, PlatformDIGITAL®, and our proven and patented methodology, PDx®, combine to solve your data challenges and turn your data into actionable intelligence.

Our tailored solutions facilitate data compliance. Our platform offers secure private connectivity to multiple clouds and sites and performant access to your data anywhere. With our scalable footprint, you can support your organization's growth without compromising on compliance or security.


Adhere to data sovereignty regulations with PlatformDIGITAL® which offers in-region data compliancy, secure private connectivity to multiple clouds, and performant access to in-region data.

With our scalable footprint, you can support your organization's growth while easily adhering to data residency regulations.

Comply with local data localization regulations using colocation solutions. Get in-country data storage, secure private connectivity to multiple clouds, and high-performance access to in-country data, all on PlatformDIGITAL®.

Unlock data-driven business strategies.

Effortlessly integrate business intelligence tools, secure private connectivity to public clouds, and achieve high-performance access to data across your organization. Benefit from our scalable infrastructure to support your analytics growth journey.

Build an environment that cuts through data silos to create new, data-driven outcomes. Deliver data anywhere, securely connect to multiple clouds, and ensure high-performance access across your entire network. With our scalable infrastructure, you can confidently manage your vendors and providers while optimizing efficiency and collaboration.


Rise above Data Gravity

Your data is exploding and could weigh your organisation down. Becoming a leader in this new data-driven economy depends on making this explosion an asset, not a burden.

Global solutions for any use case

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